“Technical networking requires human exchange”: mobility move opens with record participation

1,400 participants, 90 exhibitors – significant increase in topics

“The mobility move represents a new era of industry-wide exchange, which we need to organize technical change and actively meet the challenges in the world of work. It becomes clear that public mobility in the future will not only be characterized by technical networking, but will above all be dependent on the networking of people from different areas. Mobility move is the central platform for the industry to discuss the transformation of public transport,” said VDV President Ingo Wortmann at the opening of mobility move in Berlin’s Estrel. “The organizers have hit a nerve with the completely redesigned industry meeting – it is fully booked with around 1,500 participants and 90 exhibitors. These figures prove that the further development of the content around the future topics of human resources, autonomous driving and ticketing was the right decision,” says Wortmann. The mobility move ends on March 7th.

The mobility move focuses on networking in road-based public transport. Electromobility and autonomous driving are only possible as networked systems. The same applies to demand-controlled transport as well as to digital passenger information and ticketing. It is obvious that skilled workers are needed for these tasks. We do justice to this important aspect in our own forum, despite all the technology. From the perspective of the industry association, the development of autonomous driving is not only a technical revolution, but also a paradigm shift towards climate-friendly, modern mobility. Dietmar Scheel, Director of Human Resources and Sales at DEVK Versicherungen: “I am very pleased that our joint event is continuing to grow for the fifteenth year in a row. With their exchange on the diverse topics of the conference and trade fair, all participants make an important contribution to more sustainable mobility. That’s why mobility move is very important to DEVK.”

Autonomous driving and digital ticketing
The evolution from today's on-demand transport to autonomous driving marks a future turning point in the essential economic viability of our mobility offerings. “Promoting these technologies not only opens up new opportunities for public transport, but also sets a standard for cost-effective, barrier-free and sustainable mobility,” says Wortmann. Industry experts are convinced that progress can be made, especially in ticketing, with positive knock-on effects: “Digital ticketing solutions form the backbone of customer-friendly and efficient public transport. The introduction of the D-Ticket represents major digital progress for the industry. It not only offers comfort for passengers, but also enables better capacity planning and control,” concludes Wortmann.

The mobility move organized by the VDV Academy and the Forum for Transport and Logistics was co-initiated by the DEVK.

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“Technical networking requires human exchange”: mobility move opens with record participation

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