Frequently asked questions

General questions

Why is the "VDV Electric Bus Conference and Exhibition ElekBu" becoming "mobility move"?

Electromobility only works if it is seen as a networked system. This year's integration of the Future Congress on Autonomous Driving showed that this approach has proved its worth. Participants were able to hear about different topics in one place and to engage in discussions beyond their own horizons. Exhibitors were also able to showcase their comprehensive systems expertise. More topics will be added in the future. With the new umbrella brand "mobility move", a framework has been created for the outward appearance that goes beyond the electric bus - although it remains the focus of attention.

What remains as in previous years?

The high density of information on electromobility will be maintained. Great importance is attached to maintaining the technical depth and not diluting it - despite additional topics. Everyone can take something away with them for their progress, regardless of whether they are a newcomer or an experienced user.

Which topics will be in focus in 2024?

In 2024, the emphasis will be on introducing novice users to electromobility.  In addition, "mobility move" will address ongoing concerns around fire safety, facility conversion and development, charging and fuel infrastructure, as well as IT and interconnected management systems. Our attention at the Autonomous Driving Congress will be on cutting-edge vehicles, funding programs for innovation by the federal government, and IT systems that support operations. At KONTIKI, we will concentrate on the “Deutschlandticket”, IT security, and guaranteed data quality.

Questions about participation

What is included in the participation fees?

The participation fees include access to “mobility move” on all days, both to the trade fair and to all conferences, as well as full catering throughout the event. It also includes participation in both evening events: the “mobility move night” on 05. 03. 2023 and the networking evening in the trade fair halls on 06. 03. 2023. Hotel accommodation is not included.

Which conferences will there be at “mobility move”?

In 2024, “mobility move” will bring together three different conferences under one roof. For optimal planning, we kindly ask you to register for the conference you are most interested in and would like to attend.

VDV-Electric Bus Conference and Exhibition

VDV-Congress on Future Autonomous Driving within Public Transport


Sign up at www.kontiki.net.Please note: A different evening program is offered at the KONTIKI conference. The evening events of the “mobility move” are not included in this registration.

Do I have access to all mobility move conferences with my registration?

Yes. You have access to all conference rooms and can switch between conferences at any time.

Are there tickets only for the trade fair?

No, tickets only for the trade fair or only for conferences are not offered. At “mobility move”, you have access to all areas of the trade fair, conference rooms and catering areas at any time.

How do I book a hotel room?

Please make your own hotel room reservations. We have agreed special rates with the event hotel “Estrel Berlin”. You will receive the booking via e-mail after you registered as a participant, together with your registration confirmation. You can also find them at the bottom of the page „to the registration“.  Note: The number of rooms at the Estrel hotel is limited – please make your reservation early!

When will I receive my ticket?

After your successful registration for "mobility move", you will receive a registration confirmation from us via e-mail. You do not need an additional ticket. Please pick up your personal name badge and wristband at the registration desk when you arrive. This will give you access to the premises on all event days.