“VDV-Electric Bus Conference and Exhibition” becomes “mobility move”

In 2023, the "VDV Electric Bus Conference and Trade Fair" broke new records with 1,200 attendees and 78 exhibitors. This was partly due to the integration of the topic of autonomous driving in public transport this year. The event will be enhanced by other future topics in the years to come. The new umbrella brand "mobility move" will facilitate this expansion. Martin Schmitz, managing director technology at VDV, answers key questions. 

Why is the “VDV-Electric Bus Conference and Exhibition“ becoming ”mobility move“ ?

Martin Schmitz: "E-mobility only works as part of a systems approach. We have to think in networks. This year's integration of the conference on autonomous driving has shown that this works. Participants were able to hear about different topics in one place and start a conversation beyond their own horizons. In addition, exhibitors were able to showcase their overall system competence. More topics will be added in the future. With the new "mobility move" umbrella brand, we are creating a framework for our public image that goes beyond the electric bus - which will remain the focus.

Where should the event develop in the future?

Martin Schmitz: "We are already the central industry meeting place for everyone involved in road-based public transport in Germany. At least that is the feedback we get from participants. We want to focus more on other future topics in this field and integrate those  - but remain pragmatic and solution-oriented. We are strengthening our content by expanding the conference and making the event even more attractive. One example is digitalisation as a core component of our system thinking.

What is new in 2024? What will remain?

Martin Schmitz: "The conference will maintain a high density of information on e-mobility whilst catering to newcomers and experienced users through focused lectures. Our aim is for everyone to gain something meaningful for their progress. Despite the inclusion of additional topics, maintaining technical depth without dilution remains a top priority. One new feature is the inclusion of the KONTIKI e. V. ticketing experts conference within the "mobility move" framework. Upon request of several attendees and exhibitors, an additional evening has been arranged for the trade fair. This “mobility move night” takes place the night prior to the conference, features a modest programme and offers an added chance for networking.

Which topics will be in focus in 2024?

Martin Schmitz: “For instance, an introductory guide to e-mobility: What steps are required to convert a system? Furthermore, we examine ongoing issues such as fire safety, modifications to depots and workshops, infrastructure for charging and refuelling, and IT and network management systems. The attention in the field of autonomous driving is directed towards novel vehicles, government funding programs for innovation, and IT systems for operations. Concerning ticketing, the emphasis is on the "Deutschlandticket", IT security, and data precision."

What can be said about the exhibition?

Martin Schmitz: “In the trade fair area, we leverage our established strengths: close alignment with the conference programme in terms of content and, despite growth, a familiar setting for ample industry exchange. The numerous discussions and meetings in the framework of the conference and trade fair distinguish this event from others. All significant players come together, resulting in many high-quality and professional discussions in a short period of time - a benefit for all.”

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